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Relaxing meditations to encourage deep rest and reassurance.

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Training for creative arts

The Relax Kids training course is perfect for Dance teachers, Yoga teachers, Music Therapists and Play Therapists

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Tame the stress beasts Relax Kids classes help children bust stress with breathing and stretching exercises, peer/self massage and deep relaxation. Our calming classes help support children’s mental and emotional well-being and give them tools to cope with life’s stresses.

Stress responses originate from one of the most primitive parts of the brain, the hypothalamus. In situations of real danger, this response is useful – but when we’re experiencing this chemical rush day in, day out, it can leave us feeling very worn-down and unhappy.

Experiencing chronic stress during childhood can have a negative effect on childrens’ emotional, social, and academic development and their future health:
• Stressed children have on average diminished educational achievement at the milestones of 7, 13, and 16.
• Children experiencing stressful situations such as divorce and bereavement have lower levels of emotional wellbeing.
• In the long term, stress can cause other mental health issues such as depression and anxiety disorders.

What is a Relax Kids Class?

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