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The key to Anger Management

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Founder of the British Association of Anger Management, Mike Fisher, has spoken out about the damaging impact of anger on the body. 

Stress from anger can make our hearts race and our heads buzz. It’s a horrible feeling and it’s certainly no better for our health. A shocking 6,400 people were admitted to hospital in the UK with stress last year – a 47 per cent increase on the pre-recession figure! 

Stress from anger impacts the immune system, starts to break down the body and actually reduces lifespan! 

Mike Fisher explains how we can improve our Anger Management skills by thinking about the way we respond to situations. For instance, if someone is chewing too loudly, if someone cuts the queue, if someone plays music from their phone... He says, “The secret is to step back and take a look at the big picture. Ask yourself: will it matter in five minutes? If the answer is no, let it go. You’ll feel better and live longer.”

The same applies for children -teaching children positive ways to respond to stressful situations will help them learn how to keep calm and manage their outbursts. 

When your child gets angry, their body goes into stress mode. Their blood pressure and heart rate increases beating faster to pump increased oxygen, adrenaline and sugar into their bloodstream. Their breathing becomes faster as their blood pressure rises and muscles tense. Their body is pumped and ready for action. Ready to shout, stamp, scream throw things, kick, fight and slam things. 

It is important for your child's health and well being that they find a constructive way to release this tension build up and find ways to manage their tension and stress.  

Relax Kids teaches children simple and child-friendly techniques that will help them learn to manage their anger and emotional stress, for example, when your child feels angry, they can imagine that they are blowing that anger into a big ballon. Then they can let it go and watch it float away!  

Our Anger Management CD teaches positive relaxation techniques which they can use to calm themselves down. These techniques can be used at home, at school, or wherever children need a moment to chill out. Children will learn that they have the power to control their actions and can help themselves feel better.  

Listen to some sample tracks from Anger Management or buy the CD from our store.  

“I have found the CD really worked in getting my son to learn and use different ways of expressing himself.” 

“My daughter has been more focussed and able to control her anger.”

“I strongly recommend these products for all young people struggling to stay cool. There is nothing else like them out there!”

If you are new to Relax Kids products, why not download our FREE Relax Kit for parents? Includes: Free MP3, Affirmation Cards, Relaxation exercises to try at home, as well as a free three-week relaxation programme that will  teach your child relaxation techniques in just 3 minutes a day! 

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