Meditation and relaxation for children with ADHD

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How can meditation help children with ADHD?

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Symptoms of ADHD tend to first appear in very young children, and are generally characterised by an inability to sit still, short attention span and restlessness. ADHD can affect children’s learning, social skills, relationship building, and often leave children feeling alienated and frustrated. 
Many doctors agree that early, non-medical interventions such as the use of relaxation techniques can be extremely beneficial for children with the condition. In fact, studies have shown relaxation training to be the most effective treatment for externalizing disorders like ADHD in children (Weisz, McCarty and Valeri, 2006).
Simple techniques like breathing exercises, muscle relaxations and visualisation can all help children calm down, focus, be still, and best of all -children will learn that they DO have control over their emotions and behaviour.  
By learning some simple and easy-to-use relaxation exercises, children will have a way to help themselves manage their own emotions. Whenever they need to concentrate or want to feel calm, children can practice one of these exercises and they will feel instantly calm and back in control! When children feel more in control, they are also better able to communicate their feelings and manage their behaviour rather than 'acting out' in frustration, reducing the strain ADHD can put on family relationships.  

Benefits of relaxation:
-better concentration and listening skills
children are able to control and manage their own behaviour 
improved family relationships
Relax Kids has developed hundreds of simple, imaginative and fun relaxation exercises that children can use to manage their emotions and relax. Try this simple breathing exercise with your child:
Imagine that you are a big, brightly coloured balloon. Take in a deep breath and imagine you are letting all your air go. Hiss all the air out of the balloon. Feel yourself getting smaller and smaller and flatter and flatter, until all the air is gone and you feel completely relaxed. 
If your child enjoyed this exercise, tell them that they can use it whenever they want to relax and be able to focus. 
An Australian study published in Clinical Child Psychology And Psychiatry found that Meditation in patients with ADHD improved symptoms of stress, anxiety, ADHD symptoms, and executive brain function/decision making.
Relax Kids has created a range of guided-meditation CDs designed especially for children. Our fairytale range cleverly transforms children’s favourite fairytales like Jack and the Beanstalk, The Golden Goose and Thumbelina, into soothing meditations.  
Boys love our Superheroes CD. Superheroes-fairytale-CD-for-hyperactive-boys/4' style='letter-spacing: 0px; '>LISTEN NOW.
Girls love our Princesses CD. LISTEN NOW. 
Children can listen to the meditations before bed, before homework or in the car on the way to school.
“The guided meditation is wonderful, the music and the voice are intriguing and relaxing and the child is totally taken on a fabulous journey. Beautiful. The characters of Aladdin, Pinocchio, Jack and the beanstalk…well they are all so familiar to them and my children were totally engaged in each story.”
Visit our online store for more children’s meditation CDs.

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