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anti bullying exercises

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We love these empowering posters by Amanda Visell, particularly this one, “I can save myself”, which implies that we don’t need a hero to rescue us, we have the strength to protect ourselves. Other examples include: “I am wild” and “I am a maverick”.    

We thought that this was a wonderful and inspiring image to round off England’s Anti-Bullying Week. 

All week we have been giving advice to parents whose children have been the victims of bullies. Bullying can have a damaging and long-lasting effect if children are not helped to rebuild their self-esteem and stand up to the emotional effects of bullying.   

We believe that children should be taught emotional skills that will help build their sense of self-worth and self-belief. This will give children the strength to let bullies’ remarks simply bounce off them.  

Our simple affirmation exercises will help children develop their self-esteem and learn to love themselves inside and out!     

Positive visualisation exercises can also be a powerful tool against bullies. They can be used to help children feel safe, loved and strong. Try this visualisation at home with your child. Tell them that whenever they feel hurt by someone or want to protect themselves, they can just think about this visualisation, and the bullies won’t be able to hurt their feelings anymore.  

Close your eyes and become as still as possible. Become aware of your breathing. Feel the softness of your breath going in and coming out again. Spend a few moments watching your breathing. Listen to the sound of your breathing. With each breath, feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed. 

Breathe in, breathe out breathe in breathe out. 

Feel yourself becoming peaceful and relaxed. Imagine there is a light going up from the base of your spine to the top of your head. As you become aware of this light, you feel yourself growing taller and taller. As you feel yourself growing taller, you start to feel more confident and self assured. You feel strong and brave.  

Repeat to yourself, I am strong and brave and in control. I am strong and brave and in control. I am strong and brave and in control. 

Imagine that you are wearing an invisible cloak. This cloak is surrounding you and protecting you from any harm. If ever anyone says something unkind, then any negative or hurtful word just bounces off the cloak. Imagine for a moment, some unkind bullies saying some nasty words and watch and feel as the words bounce off the cloak. Spend a moment watching as the words bounce off the cloak. Notice how strong you feel as you are left unhurt and unharmed by their nastiness. You might even like to imagine there is a glass wall between you and the bullies and they can not touch you. Imagine you feeling so confident that you can stand up for yourself and say NO to the bullies. Imagine the feeling you get when you show that you are not hurt by their taunts and their words. Imagine how great you feel when you know that you are in control. Spend a few moments seeing yourself standing tall, surrounded in a cloak and saying NO to the bullies. Repeat to yourself in your mind.

'I am strong, I am brave and I am in control. I am strong, I am brave and I am in control. I am strong I am brave and I am in control.'

For more visualisations, try our best-selling Wishing Star book, with 52 calming meditations for children. 

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