All the tools, support, flexibility
you'll ever need...

As soon as you register with Relax Kids you'll have access to the Portal

Your Relax Kids Dashboard

Start paving the way, even before your training date. Make contact with other coaches, list your trial classes, add your venues, start building your profile, watch training videos, and read about how to get started.

Available features are dependant on your package, and some features are not available until after your training event.

Outstanding Online Tools

Introducing the Portal...

Manage your classes

View your bookings, enter your class times and more! All accessible from desktop, laptop or even mobile devices.

Access resources

All the business resources you'll need are at your fingertips.

Theme Resources

Access the current theme's resources - from leaflets to lesson plans.


Chat to other coaches, and to the RK office team.

Manage your profile

Control how you appear on the Relax Kids website and Apps.

Edit your Minisite

Gold Coaches can edit their minisite content too.

Social Media Tools

Create Facebook memes, download promotional images and more.

Here's what we do...

We provide outstanding online tools

Our phenomenal Coach's Portal lets you control every part of your online profile. Manage your class bookings quickly and easily, keeping all the information in one place. Add venues and class times and they will appear on our website, our mobile apps and also outgoing newsletters to our existing customers.

Download marketing materials. Read your operations handbooks. Download photos, illustrations and logos for use on your own marketing.

We have a friendly, active community

Join hundreds of coaches on our chat forums or social media groups and you'll be greeted with friendly advice, discussion and support that will make you part of the family. We have regular coach meetups where you can learn new skills, connect with other coaches, ask questions to the community and discuss future projects.

We help you get started

We guide you on how to get started - including suggestions for insurance providers, help initiating your police checks, and our handbook gives you a checklist of things to do to give you the best possible start.

And here's what we don't...

We're not driven by profit

Our affordable franchise package is simply structured and requires little investment to become part of an established brand, with high quality products and marketing materials.

We don't tie you in

Our flexible licensing means you don't need to worry about the future.

We don't require exclusivity

Our products and classes fit perfectly alongside many other things - just because you're a Relax Kids Coach doesn't mean you can't have other strings on your bow.

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