Sara Hartley Featured Coach

Watch this space...

Sara Hartley Featured Coach

Meet Sara Hartley, this mont's fantastic Featured Coach!

Sara trained to become a Relax Kids coach in Glastonbury in May 2017 to use alongside her job which was a one-to-one LSA with an autistic child.

"I have ran an after-school club in the same school since January, which I love", Sara told us.

In September Sara had to leave her role as an LSA because the boy she cared for went to another school, however, that didn't stop her from using her RK skillset with her little ones.

"I love that I have been able to get experience running Relax Kids inside of my job and I am hoping to get into other schools in the next few months as I now feel confident enough to take it to other places", Sara expressed,

"The school I work in have been fabulous, they have allowed me to do a children's mental health week session, as well as sessions for year 6's before their SATs", she added.

SATs can be an incredibly stressful period in a child's lifetime, but with the help of Sara, talking them through self-belief and calming techniques, the children went into it with bags of confidence and a positive mindset.

Sara has big plans for her Relax Kids business in the coming months, so watch this space!

"The next few months are going to be when I push my business forward", Sara told us.

"My goal is to be in more local schools by September and able to work Relax Kids full-time by Christmas", she added.

Sara's determination is something to be inspired by and we are so excited to see her magical journey unfold.