Ideas to make this the best ever school year!

Ideas to make this the best ever school year!

Back to School

That time of year has come round again where the summer holidays in the UK are drawing to a close and uniforms are out and ironed, pencil cases bought and shoe sizes taken.

Getting back into the school routine can be a challenge for many families but the new school term is a great way to start new routines, traditions and positive behaviours.

Here are some ideas.

1 Make a big scrap book of the summer holiday fun and have an evening talking about their best bits

2    Have a big family celebration on first day with a lovely meal and treat so children have something to look forward to

3    In Germany traditionally children receive a big cone of sweets on their first day back at school.  You could try something like this or an alternative

4    Buy pants in different colours.  Each day, they can choose if they want to wear yellow for confidence, blue for calm or green for concentration etc

5    Create a chill out corner where children can go to after school  to relax before homework

6    Create a space for this years gallery of work.  Children will look forward to filling the space

7    Repeat positive affirmations on the way to school

8    Make a worry tree or use worry dolls so children can discuss their concerns

9    Sprinkle glittery confetti under their pillow to take away any school nerves

10    Write positive affirmations and notes in their lunch boxes so they are reminded of family and home

11    Create an affirmation jar for new term where they can write positive affirmations and store all their mini achievements

12    Go through the calendar and make a note of all the holidays and special days such as Halloween and Guy Fawkes so they feel they have something fun to look forward to.

And…. most importantly ….

Make sure they relax well the night before school and continue a regular practise of relaxation.  

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