Stressed About SATs

Stressed About SATs

Beat that exam stress...

Is your child stressed about their SATs?

Are they struggling to concentrate?

Is the stress affecting their confidence?

Then the Relax Kids EXAM SURVIVAL PACK may be the solution to your problems.

The FREE download will help your child learn how to beat exam stress and achieve their full potential.

Relax Kids coach, Hollie, has been busy getting sixty SATs Survival Kits ready for her SATs Stressbuster Workshop, to help children battle their emotional stress and put them on the right path to succeed.

Here's Hollie's TOP TIPS for helping exam stress:

  • Finger breathing to keep calm and confident
  • Hand/arm massage to help focus and concentrate
  • Keep your positive affirmation cards to with you to repeat to yourself whenever you need it.
Download your FREE copy of the exam survival kit TODAY -

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