Our Very First Featured Relax Kid Ethan

Our Very First Featured Relax Kid Ethan

Introducing Ethan...

We are so excited to announce our very first Featured Relax Kid - Ethan, aged 6! Ethan's story just goes to show the benefits that Relax Kids can bring to children's lives.

'Most days before school I choose an affirmation Star Card, I use the breathing lots to calm myself down if something worries me.' Ethan told us.

'Mummy reads me the meditations at bedtime to help me sleep and I like doing activities from the Monster Handbook. It makes me feel relaxed, happy and calm.' He added.

Ethan's favourite book is A Monster Handbook and he has even used it to help his friend on the playground with their breathing and he feels like he should do it more often. He said, 'I like naming and drawing my monster and making them my friends.'

Ethan also looks up to his mother, who is a Relax Kids coach. 'I would like to go to work with mummy. I remind her to believe in herself just like she does to me because sometimes she forgets.'

We have loved reading Ethan's story and we can't wait to hear more stories from children who use Relax Kids.

Get your claw's into Ethan's favourite book - http://www.relaxkids.com/product/A_Monster_Handbook/817

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