Your Own Imaginative Bubble

Your Own Imaginative Bubble

Two lucky girls, Darcy, aged 6, and Violet, aged 4, were given the opportunity to become an Official Relax Kids Reviewer.

They received the Princess Fantasy Fairytale Meditations and couldn't wait to give it a listen. The CD is full of imagination. It combines well-known fairytales and meditation techniques to help boost imagination and a feeling of calm and well-being. These unique story-based relaxations incorporate visualisations, deep muscle relaxation, mindfulness and affirmations.

Darcy and Violet's mother, Robyn, told us that 'listening to the meditations helped their imaginations and made them feel relaxed and happy - whilst also providing them with positive self-esteem messages.'

'The meditations sparked their curiosity and encouraged them to think about their five senses', she also added.

Violet even told us that she 'could not wait to dream about the stories'. Whilst Darcy said she appreciated 'having the time to be in my own imaginative bubble'.

If your children would like to imagine they are lying on Sleeping Beauty's bed and dreaming magical dreams, or they are The Little Mermaid swimming in the ocean, you can pick up your own copy of the Princesses Fantasy Fairytale Meditations here -

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