Transform Your Community

Transform Your Community

Do you feel it's time to start putting your incredible talents to good use?

Do you secretly want to save the world?

Do you want to feel alive and in love with your work and life?

If you answered YES to all these, then Relax Kids is what you are looking for!

Relax Kids classes are extremely adaptable and can be used in numerous different settings. The recent feedback Charlotte, from Relax Kids Mid & West Hertfordshire, received from her classes with the guide just speaks for itself.

'I had a lovely night with the 1st Sandridge Guides'. Charlotte told us.

'Our sessions were on feeling good and relaxing, and judging on the feedback, they left feeling very chilled out', she added.

One child attending the class said: 'It was very relaxing and stress-relieving. It was also very good because it takes your mind off everything and makes you think lovely thoughts'.

Whilst another child said it was 'good in preparation for SATs'.

All of the positive feedback has left Charlotte on cloud nine and she can't wait to reach out to other children in her area, to help them feel more calm and confident.

If you have been inspired by Charlotte's tremendous work, you can find out more about becoming a Relax Kids Coach here -

Follow Charlotte's work here -

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