Introducing The Holdens

Introducing The Holdens

Meet our latest Featured Family

It is our honour to introduce you to our latest Featured Family - The Holden's. Paula's family have been using Relax Kids methods for years to help bring calm and happy environment into their home. Now her family has grown up, it's so exciting to look back at stories like this one.

'I got into Relax Kids because I used it with my family', Paula told us.

'Initially, I used it with my son, he has a complex diagnosis of autism and a host of other disorders', she added.

This resulted in him not getting a great deal of sleep and a diagnosis of extreme anxiety at just five years old.

'The CDs became part of his bed routine for many, many years. Now grown up, he has adapted to mindfulness as part of his ongoing therapeutic care, it's like a duck to water' Paula said.

Mindfulness is a state achieved by focusing your energy and awareness to the present moment, while calmly accepting and acknowledging your feelings, thoughts and body sensations. It's a fantastic and effective way to improve your mental well-being.

'At the moment I have reintroduced them, as part of the 7 steps, to my adult daughter who also diagnosed with ASD', Paula told us.

'She becomes very stressed and anxious and Relax Kids is providing her with a structured approach to self-calming and learning to cope with managing life!' she added.

It's truly incredible to hear a story of a family who has grown up with Relax Kids from a young age and how they've adapted the methods as they grew older.

If you believe your child could benefit from a Relax Kids class, you can find your nearest one here -

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