Sara Stockman Featured Coach

Sara Stockman Featured Coach

Introducing our latest Featured Coach...

We are incredibly excited to announce our newest Featured Coach, Sara Stockman.

Sara, who is based in Wagga Wagga, Australia, took the Relax Kids training in Sydney back in 2013 after being inspired to support educators in their inclusive practice, as well as her two young children.

Growing up, she would attend yoga classes and was always interested in working with children. After graduating from Melbourne University with a degree in Early Childhood Studies, she would bring visualisations and yoga to her preschool and other environments she worked in to help calm and connect children.

We asked Sara how many children she's reached since being a Relax Kids coach and the numbers just blew us away. 'As a coach, I have directly reached around 1,000 children. It's an amazing opportunity to connect with children and the whole world', Sara told us.

'Currently, I have 86 children in a Catholic Primary School and 45 in an after-school session at a Department of Education Primary School. I also have 40 children at the preschool I teach at'. Adding to that, Sara is also in the process of discussing a Chill Skills session with a public high school and she had been receiving regular requests for 1:1 sessions.

'I created Positively Growing to focus on Relax Kids and providing workshops and professional development in social-emotional, inclusive practises and positive behaviour supports under my own umbrella', she added.

'I have balanced part-time Relax Kids Coach work along with full-time inclusion work for many years now', Sara said.

One thing that plays on people's minds when thinking about taking the Relax Kids training is how they are going to balance it with their family, personal and life commitments. But Sara has her routine clearly mapped out to create a perfect balance that works for her.

'Relax Kids effortlessly slots into our everyday life', she said.

'I have used Relax Kids for my children's birthdays, day-to-day frustrations and learning'.

Sara told us she mainly aims to run her sessions during school hours, so she is available to her children as best as possible after school.

'Of course there are times that we overlap, and my children are becoming adept at trailing RK ideas, helping develop their own, and know what I need if I'm running out the door', Sara added.

Over the 18 years, Relax Kids has been operating, one thing a lot of Relax Kids coaches tell us is how rewarding the job is and that is no different for Sara.

'It is really helping me achieve my life goals, and it helps so many children and families every day - and at night', Sara told us.

She also expanded to say the best part of being a Relax Kids coach was 'the amazing worldwide network of like-minded, passionate people, and having access to the incredible resources that our children beg for each evening'.

Looking to the future, Sara hopes to have her own studio for families to come to and practise Relax Kids.

We find it so inspiring reading stories like Sara's and we hope you do too, if you want to follow in her footsteps, you can find more information about becoming a Relax Kids coach here -

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