How Children and Teenagers Can Manage Their Mental Health

How Children and Teenagers Can Manage Their Mental Health

Are you struggling to stay positive during the exam season?

Is your schedule packed full of revision?

Are you struggling to concentrate and stay on top of your work?

Everybody suffers from a down day, no matter who you are or what position you are in. Some days, even the smallest problem can get you down - but one thing you need to remember is you do not have to suffer alone. There is no shame in taking care of yourself and it's best to start doing so sooner rather than later.

Self-care is important

Life can be overwhelming during exam season, your schedule is packed full of revision, then exams, then followed up by a little bit more revision. With such a packed schedule, the stress starts to build up and you lose time to dedicate to yourself. Some conditions like anxiety can be caused by too much work and not enough 'me time'. Make sure to take a period of the day to focus on what you like doing and to not feel guilty for doing it.

Talk to someone

Thankfully, people are opening up far more about their mental health struggles these days, so do not be afraid to express your concerns. Even just saying your problems out loud can take a weight off your shoulders. Speaking to someone is a brilliant way to get another perspective on your troubles.

Stay active

Staying active goes hand in hand with self-care. Although it might feel like an extra chore, staying active and physically healthy through exercise has been scientifically proved to help battle anxiety and depression. A short run, going swimming or playing sports with your friends is a fantastic and effective way to relieve the stresses of the day.

Minimise social media use

Using technology has its benefits, there is so much information available at your fingertips and that is amazing. But what isn't amazing is the negative effects social media has on your moods. People on social media tend to only show the positive highlights of their lives. Just because someone you follow has done ten hours of revision over the weekend, it doesn't mean the effort you have put in over the weekend is not good enough. Shut down social media if it is making you doubt yourself. Also be mindful that using technology before bed can make it difficult to sleep because of the blue light emitted from the phone.

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