Meet Our Latest Featured Relax Kid Jake

Meet Our Latest Featured Relax Kid Jake

We are proud to introduce Jake, our latest Featured Relax Kid! Jake's story just goes to show the inspiring impact Relax Kids has on children.

Jake's mother, Stefanie, is a Relax Kids coach and this where he has drawn most of his inspiration from.

'When I was doing a lot of worrying, she came into my school and ran sessions as an after-school club', Jake told us.

Stefanie had done Relax Kids exercises with Jake at home, using affirmations a lot, but he had never experienced an actual class until he went along to one with his mother.

'I couldn't believe how amazing she was, I enjoyed the games, breathing exercises and affirmations she teaches', Jake said.

It's not just Jake who is enjoying the benefits of Relax Kids, he mentioned that when his best friend comes over, they always ask to do some of his mother's Relax Kids exercises.

'I love it when my school friends tell me how much they loved her Relax Kids session. I love her running her sessions in my school', he added.

It's so heartwarming to hear the affection Jake has towards his mother and the work she does with Relax Kids, the positive effect it has on his life is simply magical.

Listen to Jake's favourite CD, Quiet Spaces - 2

Read Jake's favourite book, The Dream Machine

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