Boost Your Self Esteem

Boost Your Self Esteem

Meet Ciara, aged 7, who is our latest Official Relax Kids Reviewer. Ciara was given the opportunity to review our Self-Esteem CD and give her thoughts about the product and we are so thrilled to hear how it’s made a true difference in her life.

“I really enjoyed the CD”, Ciara told us. “I like the way the lady told me to breathe in and out”, she also added.

The Self-Esteem CD is designed to help your child relax and feel good about themselves through confidence boosters such as relaxation, visual imagery, breathing exercises, affirmations, positive self-talk and visualisations.

“I played the CD before bed and it helped me get to sleep, I liked the way she said the same thing over and over again, it was very relaxing”, Ciara told us.

The Self-Esteem CD can be used in multiple environments, from bed-times to classrooms, all resulting in the same positive benefits. The CD can help your child improve their self-esteem and positivity whilst improving the ability for them to cope with any stress and anxiety they may face.

Even Ciara’s mother, Marie, said: “our whole family has been listening to the CD and benefitting from the positive affirmations”.

Ciara has kindly scored Relax Kids a whopping 10 out of 10!

If you feel like your child could benefit from the Self-Esteem CD, you can pick up yourself a copy here -

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