The Bishops Featured Family

The Bishops Featured Family

Introducing you to the Bishops

We are excited to introduce our latest Featured Family - the Bishops, their story is so inspiring we couldn't wait to share it with you all.

Dana has two boys aged 4 and 8, however, her eldest, Morgan, suffers from chronic health conditions which can cause him to feel rather low and depressed. Dana said this was the key reason she decided to become a Relax Kids coach and has been using Relax Kids methods for some time now.

'Although I am not always able to stop him having a meltdown, he is able to ask me to help him do his breathing and to say affirmations to calm down', Dana told us.

Dana's youngest son, Jenson, is in love with Relax Kids too, he and his brother regularly talk about their 'meerkats'. He can even recognise and tell his mother when they need to calm Morgan's 'meerkat'.

'Jenson loves Relax Kids and is constantly finding things in shops or at home that he thinks I might use for my Relax Kids sessions', Dana said.

'Every day the boys ask me to read the affirmations from the Relax Kids affirmation calendar', she added.

Morgan has the anxiety toolkit cut out and laminated from A Monster Handbook, which he likes to keep on his desk at school to help him keep calm and is always excited to tell his mother after school when he's calmed his 'meerkat'.

'I was so hot and itchy but I sat and ate my lunch with my teacher and calmed my meerkat down', Morgan told his mother after a day at school.

Dana told us that it can be difficult for the family to relax together having a child with complex needs, as he is often feeling distressed and uncomfortable. However, when they can, the whole family enjoys putting a film on (especially The Greatest Showman), grabbing a bowl of popcorn and snuggling under a blanket.

Dana's husband is also witnessing the incredible impact that Relax Kids is having on their home and has been joining in on the activities.

'My husband has seen how Relax Kids is impacting our whole family and he has joined in, reluctantly at first, with activities we've tried at home, such as the laughter game', Dana said.

'He was in hysterics after he saw us all laughing and then saw the benefits', she continued.

We asked Dana to sum up Relax Kids in one word, to which she replied with 'life-changing'.

It's so incredibly heartwarming to see how Relax Kids impacts and changes families live across the world and we are so excited to hear more new stories.

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