Donna Goldsmith Morgan Our Number One Featured Coach

Donna Goldsmith Morgan Our Number One Featured Coach

It’s our pleasure to introduce our number one coach, Donna Goldsmith-Morgan. Donna holds a special place in our hearts as she is the first ever person to train as a Relax Kids coach.

Back in 2005, Relax Kids was relatively unknown, people were questioning whether it would really make a difference in children’s lives and how wrong they were. It was only stumbling upon a Relax Kids book which led her to find out about us.

“I was in Brighton with my son, Felix, who was 5 at the time. He had a day off school, which was quite normal due to his undiagnosed severe dyslexia”, Donna told us.

“There was a lovely shop in the lanes I liked and that is where I found the Relax Kids book”

Donna was blown away by the book that she knew straight away that Relax Kids was something special.

“We went out for lunch and I started reading it - before page 10, I was on the phone to Marneta (Relax Kids founder), wanting to be trained in it and wanting to teach it”, Donna expressed.

At that point, the Relax Kids training wasn’t quite ready to be launched, but Donna remained eager to take the course. Donna and Marneta stayed in touch through regular conversations and when the training was ready to go, Donna became the first ever person to book on.

Donna’s experience started tricky, but that didn’t stop her whatsoever.

“It was a bit of a tricky start, it was new, but I am a proper pain in the butt when I get going”, Donna said.

“I started small with a group from Felix’s school, which I ran local to our house”, she added.

Donna told us that the school recently had a large influx of Nepalese students, so half of the classes didn't speak any English.

“They wanted the children to get on. With the language problems that were in the way, Relax Kids came at the perfect moment”.

“The kids loved it, the classes grew and I end up with almost two full days there. From there, I even did a few secondary schools with troubled teens, whilst still running after-school clubs”, Donna told us.

Thirteen years on from when Donna first trained, Relax Kids has changed a lot. We’ve just turned 18, so we were bound to grow across that time.

“Relax Kids has become what it was always destined to be: global, and more kids have access to it”, Donna stated.

Within those eighteen years, we have trained coaches over 3,000 in more than 40 different countries.

Relax Kids is known for changing families lives, just give one of our Featured Family articles a read to see the impact it has. And this is no different for Donna and her family.

“Relax Kids changed our family life completely. I have two boys, both with dyslexia. They came to the classes I ran, helping me out, which made them feel important”.

“They listen to the CDs and we read the stories, they didn’t feel alone in being afraid anymore”, she continued.

Whilst Donna no longer practises Relax Kids, it still holds a special place in her and her son’s hearts.

“I will always consider myself and my boys apart of the Relax Kids family, we all smile every time we see an RK post on Facebook”.

“Marneta’s way of something is unique, she has a gift - my day trip to Brighton was life changing!”, Donna told us proudly.

Each coach we train brings something special to the Relax Kids tribe and we couldn’t be more excited to see that grow. We’d like to take this moment to thank each and every single coach, you are the magic that is Relax Kids.

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