You Are A Star

You Are A Star

Meet Eva...

We are excited to introduce to you, Eva, aged 3, who has the privilege of being our latest Official Relax Kids reviewer.

Eva received a copy of the Little Stars CD and judging by her mother, Mags, she adores it.

#39;I love my Relax Kids CD#39;, Eva happily told us.

Her mother tells us she loves to listen to it in the car on the way home from school to help her relax and unwind after a busy day at school.

The Little Stars CD is a unique album with a series of simple relaxation exercises combined with simple relaxation exercises with well-known nursery rhymes making it restful and reassuring for young children.

#39;The nice lady tells me to do big breathes and stretches and sings songs like Sleepy Sleepy Bunnies and says - you are a star#39;, Eva said.

#39;The part where I twinkle like a star is my favourite, then I go to sleep#39;, she added.

It#39;s not just Eva who has been enjoying Little Stars, her baby sister, Maisie, is also loving the CD too. Not to mention her father who was saying how relaxing it is!

It#39;s really heartwarming to hear Eva#39;s kind words about the Little Stars CD and it#39;s even more wonderful to hear the positive effect it has on her life.

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