Meet The Konens

Meet The Konens

Introducing our latest Featured Family

Meet the Konens, our latest Featured Family.

The magic of Relax Kids means that itrsquo;s not only the children that benefits from it, the whole family can too and this is exactly what is happening in the Konen household!

Claire has been using the Relax Kids methods with her three young children since training to become a Relax Kids coach.

Bedtimes can be a really tricky part of the day as a parent. But Claire makes use of the Relax Kids resources to make bedtimes positive and a special connection time.

ldquo;One of my children finds falling asleep very difficult so he likes listening to the visualisation story CDrdquo;, Claire told us.

ldquo;All three children enjoy the little stars visualisation and like me to read one of their choices before they fall asleep. It helps them to settle down to sleep feeling calm and happyrdquo;, she added.

Talking and opening up about emotions is a vital part of growing up with a healthy and happy mind and A Monster Handbook is a perfect platform to do this.

ldquo;We have started talking about our emotions a lot more since using the Monster Handbook, and I use this to help my children to identify with their feelings and try to come up with positive strategies in dealing with all our emotionsrdquo;, Claire said.

Clairersquo;s three-year-old has developed an extensive vocabulary to explain her emotions thanks to the influence of Relax Kids discussions and games.

Itrsquo;s not just at home that the Konen children are using the Relax Kids techniques, they even use them in the classroom at school.

ldquo;I think that Relax Kids has given us such a lot as a familyrdquo;.

ldquo;My son was telling me examples of how he used his affirmations at school and my three year old has recently reminded me to - just breatherdquo;, Claire added.

Itrsquo;s clear that the Relax Kids methods and techniques are having a positive influence on all of the family, allowing them all to relax together and feel calm and confident.

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