A Blast From The Past

A Blast From The Past

We caught up with Eleanor and chatted about her Relax Kids experience and her aspiring acting career...

It is not every day we get the opportunity to have a chat with someone who attended Relax Kids classes almost ten years ago, but luckily for us, Marneta had the privilege of chatting to Eleanor Walsh, an actress, who attended Relax Kids classes when she was 5 years old.

"I was a very anxious child, with a lot of energy and Relax Kids was an excellent way to get grounded an unwind", Eleanor told us.

Relax Kids classes follow our award-winning seven-step programme that takes children from a high energy, right down to a low energy.

"My favourite exercise I remember doing at Relax Kids was lying down and imagining that your feet felt like fizzy cola bottles and letting that feeling travel all the way up your body", Eleanor said.

"It leaves your body energised and tingly, I still use that exercise now", she added.

As well as attending classes from ages 5 to 10, Eleanor also used Relax Kids products to help her unwind and feel grounded.

"I used to use the CDs before bed to wind down and so I would wake up feeling positive and rested".

Mindfulness and meditation has the power to decrease stress and anxiety whilst helping to boost your self-esteem.

"As an actor, Relax Kids meditations and mindfulness provided me with a much-needed anchor in a career path that is otherwise rocky and unpredictable. It allows me to clear my mind and put myself into any role or story required of me", Eleanor told us.

It was such a pleasure to be able to speak with Eleanor again and we wish her all the success in her acting career. You can see Eleanor in the "Aspects of Love" production at the Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester until August the 9th.

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