The Lovely Lola

The Lovely Lola

We take a look at how Relax Kids is having an impact on little Lola...

Meet the lovely Lola, who is our latest Featured Relax Kid!

Lola is only 3, but she is already loving the magic of Relax Kids.

We asked Lola#39;s mother, Jodi Murphy, who is also a Relax Kids coach, to ask Lola what her opinions of Relax Kids are.

"I help mummy practise Little Stars, we play games and we stretch on the mats", Lola told us.

"Mummy has got lots of new toys for Little Stars and I can play with them, I like the colourful [Hobermansphere] and the mermaid cushion because it is all strokey", she added.

Jodi even mentioned to us that Lola can explain how the brain works to her teddies - "I have caught her lining them all up on my yoga mat for a lesson, I am not even kidding!"

Relax Kids can leave children having better nights sleep, improve their confidence, boost focus their focus and concentration, as well as spark feelings of happiness.

Lola tells us that Relax Kids "makes her feel lovely and soft... like a lion or a rabbit. I like the songs [CDs], they make me feel sleepy and I think all of the nice things".

We love hearing stories like these, and we can only hope Lola continues to use Relax Kids methods as she grows up.

You can let your child experience the magic of Relax Kids, find your nearest class using our class finder.

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