Meet The Mareks

Meet The Mareks

Introducing our latest Featured Family

Say hello to the Mareks, our latest Featured Family!

It is not just the children in the Marek household who are benefitting from Relax Kids, the whole family are too,

Aislinn has been using the Relax Kids methods with her children, Emily (8) and Fergus (4) for around five years now.

"Relax Kids has brought positivity to our family - it is not always calm, but definitely full of love!", she told us.

Relax Kids offers a range of products to help children manage their worries, whilst boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Aislinn tells us her family uses the affirmation calendars every morning to get the best start to the day and they use the books and CDs at night to bring relaxation at bedtime.

"When something tricky crops up like going to the hospital, we have the tools to help manage their worries and feel calm", Aislinn expressed.

Relaxing as a family is a perfect way to create a loving bond and this is exactly what the Mareks are doing,

"As a family, we have lots of different ways to relax. It could be walking the dog, spending time in the garden, colouring or painting, or even curling up on the sofa and watching a movie", Aislinn added.

We asked the Mareks what the one word they would use to describe Relax Kids and that magic word was "TRANSFORMATIVE!".

It is so positive to see the magic of Relax Kids transforming a household, allowing them to grow closer together whilst letting them all feel calm and confident., 

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