Put A Spring Into Your Step

Put A Spring Into Your Step

Meet Emily and Riley...

Say hello to Emily and Riley, our latest Offical Relax Kids Reviewer. These two were super excited to receive the Elevator of Happiness CD, as they love the Relax Kids books, but this was their very first CD!

Emily (8) and Riley (5) used the CD after school and just before bedtime to encourage them to be positive, grateful and kind.

Speaking to Emily and Riley#39;s mother, Leila, she said after they listened to the CD, she would ask them questions about how it made them feel and could they relate it to their day at school. "This helped to make talking points of what they had done at school, had they been upset or could they have dealt with situations differently", she told us.

"It helped Emily to think if ways she could have coped better in certain situations", Leila added.

The Elevator of Happiness is packed with positive affirmations and beautiful visualisations such as the Happiness Switch, Letter of Positivity and Hat of Compliments to help bring an inner smile and spring in their step to children of all ages.

"Both Riley and Emily liked the Happiness Switch and I will often see them putting their thumb and finger together", Leila said.

"When I asked Emily what are you doing that for. She said it is my happy switch and makes me think if happy thoughts and I get a funny feeling in my belly when I think happy thoughts", she added.

When we asked Emily and Riley what they enjoyed the most about the CD, they said: "the voice was calming and the music was relaxing, we would give this CD 5 stars!"

We are so pleased to hear the difference that the Elevator of Happiness has made on Emily and Riley#39;s lives, you can pick up a copy here.

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