Claire Gretton Featured Coach

Claire Gretton Featured Coach

Meet our latest Featured Coach

Meet your latest Featured Coach, the amazing Claire Gretton!

When Claire was working as a primary school teacher and before she had her children, she was always incredibly passionate about the well-being of children.

"Since becoming a mum, I have always strived to be a positive, nurturing parent. So when I heard about Relax Kids, I instinctively decided that I would like to undertake the training course, hoping to learn new things to help my own family", Claire told us.

Claire took the Relax Kids training in July 2017 and was so blown away by the training, that she decided to start teaching a number of classes straight away.

Her first classes were held in a local primary school, and then a community class in her village.

In addition to using Relax Kids with her own family, Claire currently teaches regular after-school clubs each week as well as recently starting to offer some community Little Stars sessions and some classes for under-fives in the local nursery.

"So far, I have reached over 100 children, and this number continues to grow", Claire told us proudly.

At the moment, Claire#39;s Relax Kids work is part-time, due to family commitments, but plans to deliver more classes next year, once her youngest daughter heads off to school.

We asked Claire what her favourite thing about Relax KIds was, to which she replied #39;EVERYTHING!".

"Firstly, I love the positivity it brings to myself, my family, the parents, staff and children that I reach", Claire said.

"Secondly, on a more personal level, I love the creative side of my Relax Kids work. Coming up with engaging ideas for children and making creative resources both to use in my classes and also to make with the children and parents for them to take home with them following our sessions", she added.

People say work in a job you love and you#39;ll never have to work a day in your life and this couldn#39;t be truer when it comes to Relax Kids.

"The absolute best part of being a Relax Kids coach has to be the fact I#39;ve discovered a job where I can help children to feel good about themselves, giving them positive tools to heel happy throughout their lives", Claire expressed.

"I can share these valuable skills with my own children who love using the wonderful Relax Kids resources and also enjoy trying out the fun games that I have planned in preparation for my classes", she added.

The Relax Kids techniques really do hold the ability to change people#39;s lives and we couldn#39;t be more proud of the amazing work Claire has achieved.

If you want to follow in her footsteps and become a Relax Kids coach, you can receive more information here.

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