The Beautiful Brooke

The Beautiful Brooke

Meet our latest Featured Relax Kid

Meet the beautiful Brooke, who is our latest Featured Relax Kid!

Brooke#39;s mother, Jennifer, told us that nearly two years ago, Brooke had "no emotional literacy" and that "anger was her default emotion".

Brooke, who is now 7, is one of Relax Kids biggest fans! She told us Relax Kids "is one of the things that make me happy".

Jennifer told us that before Relax Kids, she used to get very angry and be so mad she would clench her fists - "that is a big deal as she is not a shouty kid".

"When she is mad or even when she is getting a consequence, she just sits on her bed and does some Relax Kids meditations", she added.

Brooke has become such a role model in her family. When her mother is having a tough time with her older sibling, she will get the breathing sticks out and encourage diaphragmatic breathing, she is even been making up her own meditations!

"Rela Kids is a massive part of her daily life", Jennifer told us.

"Life is still very challenging for her as her older sibling is not coping as well, but she faces the unpleasantness with RK techniques", she added.

The book, A Monster Handbook, has helped Brooke learn lots about different emotions and is now able to clearly identify big emotions, write them down, pop them in the worry monster and move on.

"RK has taught her to acknowledge big and challenging emotions, give them their moment in time, then pop them away", Jennifer said.

"Positive habits have been formed through helping her incorporate the RK techniques into her daily life in a fun way", she continued.

Even at such a young age, we see Brooke as an incredible inspiration to everyone, no matter how young or old. Her maturity and understanding of emotions is something to be in awe of and we are sure she will continue to blossom as she grows older.

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