The Dixons Featured Family

The Dixons Featured Family

Take some inspiration from their story...

Say hello to the Dixons, our latest Featured Family. We just loved hearing their story and we are sure you will too.

Nina, the mother, who is also a Relax Kids coach, uses the RK methods with the whole family to help bring positivity and relaxation into their home.

"We use the Relax Kids methods as a family by reading the meditations from several of the books. We do this straight after school, before bed or in the morning", Nina told us.

Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress and control anxiety and it is amazing that the Dixons are doing it together as a family.

In order to keep the positivity high, the family often find themselves using the Relax KIds affirmation cards every morning, to set them on the right course for a magical day.

"We also have the affirmation calendar up in our hallway and when one of my children is upset, I think of various strategies to use and so do they".

To help the family express their emotions, they have come up with a genius idea which we are completely in awe of.

"Our downstairs loo has positive affirmations all over the walls that the children and myself have written", she said.

"As a family having Relax Kids has made our mental and emotional health much more of a focus. The children are aware of the need for relaxation for balance in life", Nina added.

Relaxing together is so important, it helps build a strong bond that the family will cherish forever. To relax as a family, the Dixons like to get outdoors and spend time with nature, whether that be walking the dog, on a cycle ride or having a delicious picnic on the grass.

We asked the Dixons to come up with one word to describe Relax Kids, to which they replied with "invaluable". And they said if they were allowed two words, it would be "life changing".

It fills us with joy to hear how families implement the Relax Kids methods in their households and how it improves their well-being.

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