It#39;s almost Christmas!

It#39;s almost Christmas!

Christmas Checklist - how many can you do

It is December and the count down for Christmas is on!

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving gifts, spending time with family and loved ones and being grateful for all that you have.

Use our Christmas Check List to spread Christmas joy and cheer - How many can you do this Christmas season?

1. Buy a toy for a child in need
2. Give some of your toys to charity
3. Make Christmas cookies
4. Make fancy hot chocolate
5. Make a cosy Christmas den
6. Write a letter to Santa
7. Dance to some Christmas music
8. Make Christmas ornaments for the tree
9. Make some paper Christmas decorations
10.Go and see the Christmas lights
11. Make a Christmas card for a teacher
12. Write your Christmas cards
13. Decorate your Christmas tree
14. Have your own Christmas party
15. Have a Christmas movie night
16. Go and visit Santa
18. Have a Christmas games night
19. Make Christmas treats for the birds and squirrels
20. Do some Christmas colouring
21. Go Christmas shopping
22. Sing some Christmas songs
23. Donate some Christmas food to a food bank
24. Snuggle up and read Christmas stories
25. Open presents!

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