The Importance of Family Rituals

The Importance of Family Rituals

Christmas Eve Ideas!

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions and rituals. These are important for families, it can help create a sense of identity and help children feel more bonded to their parents/care givers.
Are you a little stuck with what to do on Christmas Eve or, do you want to do something different this year?  
Why not make new family rituals and create some lasting memories that your children can look back on with fondness. 

Christmas Eve Family Night  
Make up a Christmas box, with Christmas PJs, a DVD, box of chocolates, hot chocolate sachets and a Christmas book or book of jokes.
Take some time out and relax together on the sofa or cushions. Enjoy a massage, some stretches and listen to your Relax Kids MP3s.

Christmas Family Circle Time - Thank you Gillian Fitzsimmonds for the idea!
A Christmas family circle is an amazing opportunity to spend quality close time with each other. Create a cozy Christmas setting with blankets, cushions, hot water bottles, warm drinks and snacks and lovely gentle Christmas music playing.   
Set intention for the Christmas ahead - ie to have co-operation, fun and support for each other.  
Use a wand or talking stick (any object) and take it in turns to talk about the highlights of your year.  (When the person is holding the talking stick, everyone has to listen with attention).

Peel the Brussel Sprout Game
Create a large brussel sprout out of tissue paper and in each green tissue/wrapping paper layer place a question, such as: 
My biggest achievement of of 2018 was…
In 2019, I would like to... (learn a new skill)
In 2019, I would like to visit...
In 2019, I would like to read  (a book)
The new thing that happened in 2018 was…
In 2019, I would like to try ...(a new food)
In 2019, I am going to do better at...
In 2019, I would like to do something nice for...
My saddest moment of 2018 is...
The funniest thing that happened in 2018 was…
In 2019, I will do less of...
My happiness moment of 2018 was…
My most embarrassing moment of 2018 was…
In 2019, I will do more of…
Play the game like pass the parcel, when the music stops, whoever is holding the brussel peels off a layer of the sprout and answers the question.

Secret Angel Game
This game can be played any time during the run up to Christmas. It’s so much fun and creates a wonderful atmosphere of love and kindness. Not only is is uplifting for all, it is motivational and a wonderful chance to help children and adults be creative.  It also helps the whole family bond together. It is so to play. Names go into a hat and each person picks a name out of the hat. 
For one day or week, they have to be the secret angel to the person and be especially kind, loving and generous to that person. It is important that it is kept a secret though. The secret angel can leave kind words, small gifts and treats, make pictures, cards, write poems, make secret cups of tea, but they must not reveal their identity. At the end of the day or week, each angel confesses and they can share their experiences. You could continue this and put names in the hat again and let everyone have another secret angel for the next day or week. 

Gratitude Box
Ask everyone to write all the things they are grateful for anonymously and put them in a box. You could collect these the week before Christmas Eve. Choose a time and ask one person to take a slip of paper and read it. The rest of the family has to guess who wrote it.

Shower of Appreciation 
Where each person takes it in turns to sit in the middle and everyone tells them why they are special.  You can imagine the words are like droplets of light cascading all over you.
Spend time appreciating each other.  

End your family circle by picking a Relax Kids Star Card. Use it to set your intention for the day, for Christmas or for the next year. 

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