Bedtime Meditations for all the Family!

Bedtime Meditations for all the Family!

Our books aren#39;t just for children, parents can enjoy them too!

We love hearing how our customers use our books, we especially love to hear how it has helped the whole family. Such a heart-warming story from Dad, Parm.

"Every evening, my wife and I lie down comfortably with the children. We try to create a calm atmosphere by being calm ourselves, with soft lighting and comfy cushions. I like to take the lead on reading the meditations from Relax Kids, Aladdin#39;s Magic Carpet. We always read 4 meditations in a quiet, soft voice.

Our girls, [aged] 4 and 5 years, have benefited so much from this regime at night time. The eldest often comments how lovely her sleep has been and how her dreams have been calm and peaceful. She often falls asleep during the third guided visualisation. They both have soft faces as they listen with their eyes closed. It is beautiful to see and amazing to be part of. 

Our bond is so strong but having out nightly ritual has made the busiest of days into complete tranquility, where we can truly connect at the end of each day- something I am eternally grateful for. I often find that after a day at work, it is what I needed too."

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