Should I book onto the one or two day training?

Should I book onto the one or two day training?

So, what exactly is Development day all about?

You may have seen our training has changed, Relax Kids and ChargeUp are now a one day training with an optional second day- the amazing Development Day!

What is Development Day? 

Development Day allows you to take a step back and reflect on all the information you learnt on day 1 of your training. There is SO much to cover and little time for discussion or creativity on day 1, so Development Day gives you the space to do just that! You#39;ll put your knowledge into practice and run a short Relax Kids class- this is a great way to cement what you#39;ve learnt and find out lots of new ideas from other trainees, it also gives our trainer and opportunity to offer you any feedback- all of this is helps you grow into the BEST coach you can be! The rest of the day is spent sharing ideas, building your confidence, clarifying your goals and beginning to build your dream. 

Do we work through a workbook during the day? 

Yes and no- you will receive a fabulous Development Journal. Our Development Journal is packed full of thought-provoking, inspirational and informative tips. It#39;s like a workbook but EVEN BETTER! You will receive your journal first thing in the morning and can use it to jot down any ideas, feedback or inspiration you hear. This day is NOT about sitting in silence and filling out a workbook, the modules will get you thinking, chatting and listening. You will find that the other participants have so much experience and ideas and you will want to capture them all. Development Day is an opportunity to start writing in your journal, it will then become your best friend, motivator and guide for the next year- are you ready to become inspired?! 

I#39;m not planning on running a franchise, does this day still apply to me? 

Definitely! Development Day is suitable for the Franchise, Educator and Professional package. If you aren#39;t running a franchise Development Day gives you an opportunity to plan how you will be using the skills in your current role or in your school- we know you can attend training with the best intentions, but you get back to work and are swept back into the day-to-day jobs and forget what you learnt. We want everyone who comes along to our training to use their new skills and benefit from their new knowledge as much s possible- Development Day helps you to do just this! 

I can#39;t make the date after my training, can I attend another day in the future? 

Yes, absolutely! Our Development Day dates are open to current Coaches too. It#39;s a great way to refresh your mind and add a new lease of life to your business. You can find a list of all our training dates HERE - please remember that you must attend the same training Development Day, i.e if you attended the Relax Kids training you will need to attend a Relax Kids Development Day.

What have people who have attended Development Day thought of it?

"It made me think about my goals. I enjoyed the teaching part as it allows you to see how we all deliver slightly different"

"Love the journal- very visual"

"Definitely worth doing it, if like me, this is a completely new career path for you"

"Just felt like it progressed from day 1... very interesting and informative"

"Brilliant and thought provoking. A definite must to complement day 1 of training"

"The Development Day provides an amazing opportunity to share ideas, collaborate and plan whilst in the presence of amazing, like minded people. It#39;s a productive day which ensures that you have the tools to succeed."

We can#39;t wait to welcome you along to a Development Day! 

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