International Women's Day

International Women

Today we are celebrating our amazing coaches!

Happy International Women#39;s Day!

We have over 3500 amazing coaches from all over the world (most of them women). Today is International Women#39;s Day and is a great opportunity to celebrate the amazing work they all do supporting children#39;s emotional wellbeing- Relax Kids just wouldn#39;t be the same without our tribe of purple coaches!

This week alone our coaches have done some of these amazing things:

Relax Kids Staffordshire with Claire "Lovely day relaxing 180 children at another Staffordshire school. Love the secret smiles and hugs that the children giver when they#39;ve enjoyed the session. Children are honest and warm and all they need is a little positivity and encouragement. A little more Relax Kids magic delivered by rainbow over Staffordshire"

Relax Kids coach Laura Mawson "I am just coming up to the end of my first year as a coach. It has not always been easy as RK was unknown in my area...Consisitency, time, belief and the support of all the coaches not just north Scotland, but everywhere, HO and Marneta have got me to where I am today."

Relax Kids Coleshill with Alison spent a day with Year 9 girls at Saltley Academy and they looked at "breaking the glass ceiling".

Relax Kids South Oxfordshire ran chill skills classes focusing on resilience.

Relax Kids with Stacy "When you receive feedback like this, you know your path is the right one. Today was amazing, lying on the grass with 3-5 year olds breathing and relaxing. "I can honestly say we can see a big difference in the children behaviour and managing feelings. We have been having session for a year now. I look through the window today and saw you and the children lying on the grass relaxing, smiling, chatting away, it was awesome and great to see. Keeping smiling Stacy you#39;re great and your sessions have a great impact on these children#39;s emotional wellbeing!!" I love my job".

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