The background behind Relax Kids

The background behind Relax Kids

So where did Relax Kids come from?

Marneta Viegas set up Relax Kids in 2000. She had been a children#39;s entertainer in London for a decade and had noticed over the year a change in children#39;s behaviour. Their concentration and ability to sit still and listen appeared to be deteriorating.

Having practiced meditation and yoga from the age of 12 she felt that helping children still their minds through simple relaxation and mediation techniques might help their concentration. 

At that time, there was no mindfulness and meditation for children. having studied performing arts at University, Marneta adapted the drama games, dance movement and breathing techniques she learned in singing classes to create a simple yet unique 7 step system. 

Marneta created the system intuitively and experimented with different exercises and techniques to find the ones that worked best. It has been developed 

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