11 year old ends his worries by using Relax Kids

11 year old ends his worries by using Relax Kids

Jake (age 11) was anxious, a real worrier and lacked confidence even though he was popular, sporty and a bright boy. Jakes anxiety heightened as he got older no matter what he tried at home and school. 

Jakes mum Stefanie is a Relax Kids coach and he refused to do any of the techniques as he saw it as part of her work.

His school then booked his mum to run a Relax Kids after school club and Jake had to attend due to childcare issues. 

Jake left the first session very quiet, not saying anything and when his mum asked him what he thought he replied:

Mum that is amazing, you are amazing.

From that moment on he used the techniques he learnt from his 6 week block all of the time at home and at school. 

Stefanie says:

For me as a RK coach it was amazing to see it from a parents perspective. He is not as anxious, he is much more confident and he does not worry!


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