Relax Kids helps pupil with ADHD

Relax Kids helps pupil with ADHD

Etelka runs small Relax kids groups in a school. Recently a 6 year old boy, with an ADHD diagnosis, was finding it incredibly difficult to sit still. He struggled to concentrate and was regularly upset due to everything becoming too overwhelming for him.

Etelka has been working with him since September. To begin with, he said that he felt sad and lonely all the time, and that his brain felt fuzzy.

They worked on talking about monster feelings, using Relax Kids The Monster Handbook, helping in identifying feelings within his body, alongside some high energy games with cooling relaxation exercises.

He is now able to stay still and loves meditation, and will lie down beautifully and listen to the Relax Kids meditations.

The Deputy Head approached him and asked what he thought of his Relax Kids sessions. He replied:

At first I wondered what all this bullshit was about... but now I love it.

Needless to say, the Deputy head was gobsmacked on two counts, and it was said in such context he did not have the heart to pull him up on it!

You can purchase The Monster Handbook by clicking here:

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