ChargeUp Sessions are a HIT in Young Offenders Prison

ChargeUp Sessions are a HIT in Young Offenders Prison

Judy has been running ChargeUp sessions for a group of boys in a young offenders prison, aged 14 - 18. They took a while to engage (short attention span), but are now recommending the sessions to other boys on the prison.

OFSTED observed the classes and said:

It was brilliant

They said there should be more of it, and mentioned it in their report. One boy told the OFSTED inspector:

This is great. I always sleep better after this

Another boy said:

She teaches us these stretches and massage. Its FAB!

The prison officer have said how well it works and so want regular sessions:

ChargeUp is engaging, informative ad useful to settle behavioural concerns amongst our challenging clientele. The learners who participated thoroughly enjoyed the planned activities

From July, Judy will be working in a unit with very vulnerable boys, and also with another group at risk of offending.

If you are interested in the ChargeUp training then visit here to download an information pack: Training Information Pack and all our training dates can be found here: Training Dates

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