My Self-Esteem Story - Marneta Viegas, founder of Relax Kids

My Self-Esteem Story - Marneta Viegas, founder of Relax Kids

Just be YOU!

Today, I am coming out with something that has been bothering me for almost half a century.

As a child, I always struggled with self-esteem. My forte was performing, I loved it and I was good at it. No-one would have guessed I was struggling inside. But no matter how good I was, because I was not skinny like all the other girls, I considered myself less than them.

I carved out a career in performing on stage and entertaining, trying to put my size in the back of my mind. But it never went away.

No Matter how many awards and competitions I won, thousands of people clapped and the praise I received, it would not and could not go in, because in my head I was a failure, because I was not the size I felt I should be.

In the last twenty years of my work in Relax Kids, I have been plagued by the same affliction. I could never stop and feel proud of any achievements because the biggest achievement of being thin had not been achieved! So many have said you must be so proud of your books and classes, but I would just squirm.

But, things are changing...

In this wonderful new age of body positivity, I have given myself a good talking to. After all, how can I help children love and accept themselves if I am struggling so much? 

I do believe that we teach what we need to learn the most, and this is why I am bearing myself in front of you all and taking steps to accept myself as I am now.

Watching some of the amazing body positive performers, such as Lizzo, rocking it in her purple leotard, at Glastonbury, was such an inspiration to me. She fully embraced self-love and self-respect.

Last weekend, I was asked to model for an ethical underwear brand, Y.O.U Underwear. I cannot believe I said YES! It was such a fun day walking around in our knickers!

Please join me, join Lizzo and take small steps to love yourself. Find something in your physical body and your personality to love.

If we do this, our children have a better chance to do this.

Help your child to find something they love about themselves and affirm this daily.

Today, I am listening to this self-esteem audio and taking it in.

I would love to hear your self-esteem stories, if you fell you are brave enough to share.

You can purchase the Relax Your Child Self-Esteem CD here: Self-Esteem CD or the MP3 here: Self-Esteem MP3

To find out more about Y.O.U. Underwear visit them here: Y.O.U. Underwear

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