My Mummy - The Relax Kids Coach

My Mummy - The Relax Kids Coach

Rosie and Olivia Dutton - Relax Kids Tamworth

Olivia shares what it is like to have a mum as a Relax Kids Coach...

I like having a Mummy that does Relax Kids because it just makes me feel safer and calmer, it just helps me.

The only thing that I do not like is that well... nothing actually, I love it.

The things that I have helped Mummy with are some massages, some breathing strategies and some games.

Olivia is often helping me plan my classes. She has some great ideas and I often put them into action. I love it when she finds random objects and says,

This would be great in Relax Kids etc

I originally trained as a coach to learn tools and techniques to support my daughter, I love how we have gone full circle and she is now helping me plan classes.

Relax Kids had had a tremendous impact on both our lives.

Rosie blogs over at Mum in the Moment and shares many of her mindful parenting moments. If you would like to read more visit: Mum in the Moment

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