Explore Your Mind!

At last! 

The wait is over - our new book The Imaginarium, for teens, is out next week!! Pre-order your copy as this is going to fly out quick. ÃƒÆ’°Å¸#39;Å“

The Imaginarium is a unique meditation/relaxation book specifically created for teens to help them navigate through this tech-swamped society.

Each meditation encourages teens to take their love of gadgets into their imagination where they can find a place of calm, recharge their batteries and get a sense of perspective in their lives. 

The imaginarium (a place devoted to the imagination) has twenty five chambers. Walk through the corridors of your mind and step into the Chamber of Boundaries, Chamber of Acceptance, Chamber of Solutions and Chamber of Power. Learn tools and techniques to help you negotiate your thoughts and feelings.

The Imaginarium is a powerful resource for teens, young people as well as adults to help them manage their mental health, emotional health and wellbeing.

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Book Review:

I was lucky enough to receive my copy of Marnetas new book The Imaginarium a few days ago and I have to say I am so impressed. The book has so much valuable content for teens and young people all packed and presented in a lovely way. 

The book explores the various chambers of the mind and how powerful our mind can be. It starts by asking how you feel today, there are lots and lots of different emotions to pick from like anxious, alone, low self-esteem to name just a few. Under each emotion there is a choice of chambers to visit for example if you are feeling nervous you could chose to visit the chamber of confidence, support or power. 

Each and every chamber has a motivational quote, a lovely meditation followed by a couple of activities to help the reader come up with their own ideas and conclusions to help them moving forward. I really love this book, I think it is amazing and will be loved as a resource for coaches, parents and teachers as well as a great tool for the young people themselves to be able to access.


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