Stacy Mann


Meet our latest Featured Coach STACY MANN!

Stacy is a RELAX KIDS and CHARGE UP Coach.

#39;I have been a Relax Kids coach since March 2018 and a ChargeUp coach since November 2018.

My biggest achievement so far is gaining and maintaining the support of 3 local schools, as they have really embraced Relax Kids into their ethos. I have been able to reach parents as well as children, which has been truly beneficial to the whole family!

I love teaching Relax Kids because every child and adult interprets it and internalises it in unique ways, meaning that it is so versatile. I have worked with so many children and adults who contact me to say that they use different elements of the sessions for different situations.

The best part of my job is that I get to do what I love and make a difference in a childs life (which has been my driving goal and ethos since the year 2000). I enjoy every session whether it is a 3 year old or a 60 year old; everyone walks away better than when they arrived! I love that! I also get to use all of Relax Kids for my own family and I have seen how it has had an impact on my two girls and husband. It has turned me into a calmer parent too!

My favourite affirmation is I AM AMAZING! I think we all are in our own ways but since being a Relax Kids coach, this affirmation sends shivers down my spine because I see the belief in the childrens eyes when they say I AM AMAZING (and I always, always tell them YOU ARE AMAZING).


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