Featured Coach

Featured Coach

Claire Gretton


Meet Claire Gretton, our February Featured Coach.

Claire is a Relax Kids Coach based in Staffordshire. 

Claire has been a  Relax Kids Coach since 2017 and her biggest achievement so far has been her wonderful growing relationships with schools, nurseries and the community I her locality, where she delivers her Relax Kids sessions.

I love teaching Relax Kids because it offers so many calming tools for children to be able to deal with lifes stresses, whilst boosting their confidence and self esteem.
My favourite affirmation is I am special because I believe that everyone should feel this about themselves as part of their general wellbeing. When children say it out loud, I can tell that they are starting to believe and understand just how special they really are.
The best part of my job is being able to do a job delivering both of my passions at the same time....Teaching Childrens well-being, in a fun and creative way!
Check out Claires Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/relaxkidsstaffordshire/

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