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Based in Kent

Magical Adventures Coach
Baby Mindful Coach

I came across Relax Kids as a parent wanting to support my children and it was within a matter of weeks that I decided to train as a coach and work with children and young people as I firmly belive that it is never too early to learn how to boost your self-esteem and learn how to cope with big emotions. I run group and 1-2-1 session at two primary schools as well as private sessions. Relax Kids provides plenty of ideas to boost children's self-esteem and to teach them calming strategies to help cope with life's stresses; be it friendship problems, test anxieties and worries in general. I am very passionate about supporting children's mental wellbeing, helping children learn to relax, develop social skills and boost their confidence. Relax Kids sessions do this perfectly. Not only children benefit from learning strategies to remain calm: 'Just Relax' sessions for teenagers amd adults provide the opportunity to pick up some tips for your wellbeing and enjoy deep relaxation. Find me on

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