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Hello there! Let me introduce myself. I'm Zoe : Relax Kids Tyne and Wear. I have worked with children and young people across various services both in Health and Education for the last 20 years. I am really excited to be bringing Relax Kids to Tyne and Wear! As a busy working Mum of two boys I know only too well how stressful life can be. The Relax Kids Programme is an award winning 7 step programme which gives children access to a variety of simple, yet really effective techniques for relaxation, mindfulness and stress management. I am currently working with schools, helping teachers to support the emotional wellbeing of children, as well as working with small community groups. I also offer family support and one to one sessions for individual children and young adults.If you have any queries or would like any further information, please give me a call on 07908213298. I look forward to hearing from you!

Please contact me to discuss one-to-one sessions
Call: 07908213298