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Magical Adventures Coach
Baby Mindful Coach

Hi! I am a mum of 3 and am extremely excited to be able to offer these very special classes. I love babies and children, so working with them is my passion (as well as being a mum to my own children!) Prior to having children, I was a registered nurse and I have been a mum for the last 10 years! With the experience i have gained, I am now in a great place to run these classes and truly believe that I am indeed, living my truth! My passion to help mum's with the care of their baby really comes from my own experience! I found the conflicting 'expert' views on what we 'should' do with our babys', in terms of sleep, feeding, cuddling, rocking all so confusing. This confusion made it very difficult to listen to my heart and gut instinct. I hope that by attending these classes, you will feel more empowered to know that you are doing what's right for you and your baby! I don't believe that we can ever be completely prepared for parenthood but i really wish these classes had been around when I was a new mum. Even th

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