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Based in County Antrim

Magical Adventures Coach

Hello and thanks so much for looking me up! As a former Deputy Head of Sixth Form and English Teacher in London for ten years, I was made aware of far too many children and young people with emotional and behavioural needs. Anger, anxiety, depression, stress, a whole range of disorders and poor self-image sadly cloud what should be the happiest days of modern children's lives; affecting, (amongst other things) their confidence, concentration, and coping skills. I loved teaching and working with children in schools; but since becoming a busy mum to 3 of my own beautiful bubs, I've realised that it's just as important, (and just as rewarding!) to teach *skills for life* in order to develop good mental health and emotional wellbeing. I am totally passionate about the promotion of positive mental health, and believe that early intervention can effectively support our children's emotional self-regulation and their resiliency. I'm as proud as punch to be a certified Relax Kids Coach; and am delighted to be able

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