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Based in County Armagh

Magical Adventures Coach
Baby Mindful Coach
ChargeUp! Coach

I Love my job as a registered Relax Kids and Baby Mindful Coach, and as well as a Rainbow Yoga Teacher I offer a range of age specific Relaxation programmes. All classes enable participants to learn skills essential in managing emotions, find inner calm, while learning valuable life skills in self regulation and relaxation. The benefits of attending regular Relaxation classes includes increased energy, reduced stress, reduced pain. It is also is known to boost immunity, aid restful sleep, creates a sense of calm and wellbeing, increases blood flow around the body and slows down the heart rate. Relaxation and Mindfulness is also proven to regulate emotional highs and lows. I offer class to under 5s, Kids, Teenagers, Adults, Private sessions, Family sessions, and much more. Please contact at or by phone (00353)879186636 What are you waiting for?

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