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Based in Basel-Stadt

Magical Adventures Coach

Hey!I'm Adriana, an enthusiastic and optimistic Relax Kids Coach in Switzerland, who believes that every child has the right to be happy, to be respected, to dream big, to achieve their highest potential, to be loved and cared for gifts and talents that should be recognized and valued, and has the need for unconditional love.I believe that with the right guidance and plenty of encouragement, children can develop confidence, determination, resilience and strong emotional intelligence. Once kids have that intelligence, it becomes part of who they are, accompanies them for the rest of their life and becomes a guide towards happiness and success in all areas of life. With Relax Kids we support your child's well-being as well as giving parents the tools to support their kids. Working with both parents and kids, we allow you to help your kids long after they finish their Relax Kids classes.

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Call: 0041 78 609 0010