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Based in Worcestershire

Magical Adventures Coach

Hello and welcome to my page, RELAX KIDS WITH LISA

I was inspired to become a Relax Kids coach because I wanted to help children and young adults overcome their anxiety, worries, basically everyday challenges. I started my journey of calming minds in January 2018.

My 6 year old twin boys have delayed learning and sensory processing difficulties. I'm a 'research queen' so when it comes to mental health and well being I try to educate myself as best I can.

My boys inspire me everyday to be a better human being, I believe that mindfulness, kindness, and the techniques I teach to others will also impact me too, as well as my wonderful clients!

Whether I teach children or adults, my classes are all about teaching the following techniques or life skills:

Relaxation strategies to help create and maintain a positive mindset, learn new skills to manage anxiety and stress.
Simple, yet effective exercises to help you feel more calm and connected.
Tools to help you feel more able to cope and stay in control.

The benefits are truly rewarding:

Relax muscles and lower blood pressure
Decrease anxiety, depression and insomnia
Boost energy and improve sleep
Bring a sense of calmness and confidence
Improve coping ability

Please get in touch if you have questions, or would like a free phone consultation to see if Relax Kids is the right fit for you and your family.

Have a beautiful day!

Please contact me to discuss one-to-one sessions
Call: 07472101505