meet Oluwakemi ...

North London Based Relax Kids emotional well being coach

Magical Adventures Coach

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults. A quote I love. Relax kids encourages confident, resilient children with a good sense of emotional intelligence.
Hi everyone, I am Kemi. I have worked with children for 15+ years(showing my age here!) in a variety of settings. I am a former primary teacher, BACP registered children's therapist and now a relax kids coach. I am deeply passionate about investing in our children's mental health. Most people wouldn't think twice about doing something to improve their child's physical health yet there is sometimes hesitation about the words mental health. It seems to have negative connotations but it is just the same as physical health, we all have a mental health. What I love about the Relax Kids sessions, is it works on both, physical and mental health which are just as important as each other! Sessions are fun, creative, educational and engaging.

I am based in North London and I run Little Stars classes (3-5 year old), Magical Adventurers (5-10 year old), Chill Skills (11-14 year old), private one to one sessions, family sessions and small well being groups(max 6) working on a particular need. I am also available for school sessions and staff INSETS.

Call: 07957633254