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Based in Lanarkshire

Magical Adventures Coach

As a primary school teacher and a mum of 3, I cant even begin to tell you just how valuable Relax Kids has been to me, both personally and professionally. I use the Relax Kids 7 step system and products at home to help give my children confidence and self compassion and ensure bedtimes are blissful.At school i have embedded the Relax Kids program into our daily school routine both in and out of the classroom. It fosters an etjos of empathy, compassion and tolerance and gives children the key to unlocking their learning potential. The impact is so great; I have personally worked with children who were able to avoid exclusion through learning how to utilise the 7 Steps of Relax Kids to help them cope better with school life and engage with their learning by helping get them 'brain ready' to learn.Your child or school could benefit from Relax Kids too, which helps create calm, confident kids ready to live life to the full.